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Autism and Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills is the ability to use the small muscles, especially the muscles of our hands and fingers, successfully. The development of fine motor skills is very important not only for writing, but also for the effective handling of everyday objects such as holding a cup, using scissors and skills such as dressing, buttoning buttons and combing hair.

Flora often struggles with these fine movements. Doing those fine movements can often become painful and lead to discomfort. Therefore, it is important to include in her timetable activities that strengthen her fine motor skills.

1.Strengthening exercises

It is important to include exercises that strengthen her fine motor muscles in her daily programme. These exercises may include using tools such as tweezers, scissors, pencils or practical activities such as, zipping and unzipping coats, doing or undoing buttons, combing her hair, filling and emptying a glass of water. Ideas for planning activity using tweezers, see here.

2.Daily practice

We need to create opportunities for Flora to use her fine motor skills and strengthen her muscles. Sometimes because she is struggling it can seem easier and quicker for us to do things for her. However, it is good to encourage her to do it herself. The easiest way is through play, such as playing with playdough. For ideas see here.


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