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Autism and Getting ready for Christmas Holidays

Flora, like many children with ASC, finds it difficult to cope with changes.

Soon schools will close for the Christmas holidays and Flora will need to stay at home for almost two weeks.

The concept of time is quite abstract, so we have made a visual calendar that shows which days Flora will go to school and which days she will stay at home for the months of December and January.

It is important to show Flora the visual calendar several times during the week so that she can understand and can anticipate when she will be home and when she will go to school. Each night before Flora goes to bed, we cross out the day that has just passed. This helps her visually to have a better understanding of time.

Even though Flora will stop going to school, it is good to continue some of the activities at home. For ideas that can be done at home, see here.


We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

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