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Autism and Learning: How do we plan our activities?

The role of the adult, as well as the creation of a plan for our activities, is very important for a successful outcome . However, the activity itself also plays a crucial role.

But how do we choose an educational activity for Flora?

What are the five key criteria that make an educational activity a successful and appropriate choice for Flora?

1.Specific: In other words, what we want to achieve with each

activity. Each activity must have a specific goal so that we know exactly what Flora has learned.

It is important to take into account her abilities as well as her interests.

2.Measurable: In other words, how we can see and/or measure progress. For example, in an activity where we want Flora to follow some steps to make a toast, Flora might need hand over hand support to complete the task successfully. Gradually, she begins to follow the instructions more independently. In this way Flora herself can see her own progress.

How to make a toast, see here.

3.Doable/Flexible: it is important that any activity we choose for Flora is planned in such a way that Flora can both complete it and also learn something new. It is also important that each activity can be adapted to Flora's readiness to learn.

4.Repetitive: Each activity should be repeated more than once a week and for a longer period of time to allow Flora to consolidate the knowledge.

5.Sensory: Each activity should include stimuli for all the senses. This way the activity becomes more fun and Flora actively participates, plays and learns. For example, through playing with homemade playdough, she can create and learn about shapes. For more information, see here.

In a previous post we have discussed what the five key elements of the adult role are.

For more information, see here. 


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