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Autism and Snack Time: Money Management activity

In a previous post we have mentioned Flora's difficulty with Numeracy and Maths and the importance of combining Math activities with play and their application in everyday life. You will find more information here.

Flora is now learning how to manage money.

To motivate her to actively participate in the activity we planned this activity which is facilitated during Snack Time.

1. A range of different snacks

It is important to choose different snacks so that Flora has a range of options. We have chosen two fruits, tangerine and apple, cereal, biscuit, milk and water. It is best to choose snacks that are tempting for the children so they want to "buy" them.

2. Create a price list

It is important to create a price list that includes the picture/symbols of the snacks. This helps Flora to get familiar with the vocabulary, the prices of the products, as well as with the idea of money. More information, you will find here.

3. Managing money

We give Flora a certain amount of money, 1 euro in coins. With the coins Flora needs to calculate how many coins she has, their value and how she can manage them to "buy" what she needs. It is important to explain and remind Flora that when she runs out of coins she will not be able to buy any more snacks. In this way, Flora will begin to learn the importance and the efficient management of money.

4. Snack time

After we have prepared the snacks and the price list and given Flora the amount, we start the process. With the help of the adult, Flora learns to manage her money and buy the snack she wants.


We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

We are looking forward to hearing your views and experiences.

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