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Autism: Pupil Profile

Now that Flora has returned to school and has started to learn her new routine and her peers, it is important to create her Pupil Profile.

This way any adult working with her can quickly learn information about her profile so that they can plan relevant activities and support her more effectively.

We created a Pupil Profile for Flora that includes 11 sections.

1.I like

In this section we can include the activities that Flora likes and her interests.

2. I don't like

In this section we can include activities that Flora does not like, but also things that cause tension or discomfort. In this way, we can prepare the activity in such a way that we can avoid any negative reaction. For example, Flora does not like a change of routine so we try to prepare her for it whenever there is a change.

3.I want help with

It is important to know what the student's needs are. For example, Flora has difficulty with eating and needs an adult to help her.

4.I work well with

It is important to know which adults and peers our students work well with.

5.I need

Here we can include resources and also strategies that work well with the student. For example, Flora needs symbols to understand and follow an instruction.

6.I am good at

In this section we can include activities in which the student is good at, their strengths and things that they can do independently

7.You understand that I am angry when

This section is important as it can help us to prevent possible behaviour that challenges.

More information on strategies for de-escalating challenging incidents you can find here.

8. It helps me to relax

Here we can include activities, objects as well as strategies that help the student relax.

9.How I communicate

Here we can include how the child communicates- verbal, non-verbal, symbols, signing- and the student's level of communication and understanding.

10. I am independent

In this section we can include what the student can do without our help.

11.Medical needs

In this section we can include the student's educational needs, diagnoses as well as medical needs.


If you would like the Pupil Profile of Flora in Word format in order to edit and use it for your class/student, please contact us via email at and we will send it to you electronically.


We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

We are looking forward to hearing your views and experiences.

You can email us at

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