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Playing and painting with foam

Flora learns and concentrates more easily when she is playing and having fun. Painting with alternative media is one of her favourite activities.

The role of the adult before and during the activity is crucial.

See here what we as adults need to do to help Flora learn either at home or at school.


I need:

  • Tray

  • food colouring

  • paper

  • foam

  • ruler

  • spatula

  • straw


1. I take the tray.

2. I cover the tray with foam.

3. I spread the foam on the tray with the spatula.

4. I pour food colouring

5. I mix it

6. I put the paper on top of the foam.

7. I remove the paper.

8. I remove the foam from the paper with the ruler.

9. I wait for the paper to dry… ...and play with the foam.



In this activity, Flora used hair foam. You can also use shaving foam or whipped cream.

This activity was inspired by:


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