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Autism and Learning: How we arrange our class/ learning space.

In previous posts we have discussed the role of the adult, as well as the criteria we use for planning activities.

However, the space where the learning takes place also plays a crucial role.

What are the five elements that create an effective learning environment.

1. Layout : It is important that the space is arranged in a way that is clear where different activities take place, e.g. the toys should be in a specific cupboard, the tables should be used for educational activities, the corner with the cushions should be used for relaxation/relaxation time.

In this way Flora connects each space to the different activities and can anticipate the expectations and the requirements of the activity.

It is important to avoid unnecessary furniture in the space to make moving around easier.

2. Wall: Ideally bright colours and/or bold patterns on the walls should be avoided, as should decorating them with artwork and pictures. In this way, any stimuli that may distract Flora are reduced.

3. Labels and pictures: It is good to have labels and pictures of objects as well as communication symbols in the room. In this way Flora understands and learns where her personal items, other objects/educational aids are and where each activity takes place.

4. Sound and light: Both loud sounds and bright lights should be avoided.

It is good to avoid loud or unexpected sounds, as well as objects that produce continuous and/or loud noise, e.g. an analogue clock, loud music.

It is also good to avoid bright light and use natural light instead. Depending on the activity, it is good to adjust lighting accordingly, e.g. low lights when doing a relaxing or calming activity.

5. Order and organisation: After completing each activity, we need to put the items and materials we used back in their place so that they are ready for the next time, but also so that the space is ready and clean for the next activity.

More information about the role of the adult can be found here.

More information about the planning of the activities can be found here.

For more ideas for activities look here.


We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

We are looking forward to hearing your views and experiences.

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