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Autism and Problem solving activities

Problem-solving skills are very important as they help Flora to compare and categorize objects, understand basic properties and relationships and organise the environment around her.

How can we create activities that combine the development of problem solving skills with life skills?

This week, Flora is sorting objects in groups of shared characteristics, more specifically: sorting her clothes by colour! For more information about the activity, look here.

1.New vocabulary

When starting a new activity it is important to introduce the new vocabulary by naming the objects. More specifically we show to Flora what we will use for this activity - clothes - and we name the new vocabulary - colours.

2. Matching

Next, we show Flora what she needs to do. In this case, she needs to match the same colour of clothing with the color of cloth we have on the floor. The adult takes a piece of clothing, names the colour and puts it in the correct pile.


Now, it is Flora's turn to sort all the other clothes by colour. At first Flora had a hard time matching the garment with the correct colour, so we did it hand over hand. Gradually Flora became more independent and now she can complete the activity on her own.

4.Problem Solving

Now Flora can use her knowledge of colours and her skill of sorting in her daily life. She helps her parents by separating laundry into white and coloured clothes!

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We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

We are looking forward to hearing your views and experiences.

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