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Autism and the use of the mini whiteboard.

In a previous post we have talked about the importance of the visual timetable. You can find more information here.

The use of the visual timetable provides structure and routine, promotes independence, boosts confidence, helps with understanding expectations and reduces stress.

In addition to using the visual timetable, an easy way to help Flora understand and be able to predict what is going to happen next is to use a mini whiteboard.

The advantages of the mini whiteboard are that we don't need symbols, we can always have it with us and in case of a sudden change in the daily program we can use it as a tool to explain what will happen.

How to use it?

Before we start the first activity, we show Flora what will happen next.

1.We divide the table into 3 parts.

2.We count and write now, then, then.

3.Under each heading we write and draw the activity, e.g. Maths, 1+2.

4.When Flora completes the activity, we cross it out with the marker to make it clear that the activity has finished and show her the next activity.

2. Next: Maths

3. Then: Group activity

The mini whiteboard can be used in parallel with the visual timetable. It can also be used to break down a task into smaller instructions.


Activities: Click on the links below

  1. sensory circuit

  2. Maths

  3. group activity


We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

We are looking forward to hearing your views and experiences.

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