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I am making hot chocolate

Flora learns to communicate and build simple sentences by making a hot chocolate. When Flora was at a relatively early stage of communication, she only asked for the object (1 symbol). Now, Flora can identify some of the verbs and therefore builds simple verb-object sentences. When Flora masters this communication stage, she will move on to the next one using 3 words: subject-verb-object/noun.

For more information about Autism and Communication see here.

Flora follows the steps to make a hot chocolate:

  1. cup

  2. spoon

  3. chocolate

  4. water

  5. milk

I need:

  • symbols

  • ingredients


Stage 1: One symbol ( object/noun : cup )

Stage 2: Two symbols ( verb- object/noun : pour water )

Stage 3: Three symbols ( subject- verb- object: Eirini pour milk )


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