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Morning Circle

Flora starts her day at school with the Morning Circle.

The Morning Circle can include the following sections: who is in class today, what day is it, how is the weather, how we feel, and reading the visual program.

The consistency and daily repetition of the Morning Circle helps Flora develop her social skills, build her confidence and vocabulary and enables her to anticipate what will happen during the day.

As we teach the different sections, we need to make them as sensory and fun as possible. We use photographs, symbols, objects of reference, smells and colours. For example, we associate each day of the week with a different colour and smell, and the weather with the relevant object of reference, e.g. sunglasses, umbrella etc.

For more information about Autism and the importance of Morning Circle see here.

I need:

  • Symbols

  • objects for the days of the week

  • objects for the weather.


What day is it today?

Monday is red and smells of cinnamon

How is the weather today?

It’s rainy. I need an umbrella.

What is happening today?


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