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What is a Sensory Circuit

During this time Flora has to stay at home to be safe. But it is important to explain why, and to create and maintain a daily timetable to reduce her stress.

For more details follow the link below.

Coronavirus - How can we help Flora link.

Throughout the day it is important to help Flora do some exercises for self- regulation and getting ready to learn.

We made a series of exercises for Flora that she can easily do at home and incorporated them into her daily routine called Sensory Circuit. The exercises we chose were based on the recommendations of occupational therapists we are working with.

What is sensory circuit and why is it needed?

Many times children with ASC are in hyper or hypotonic states and often have difficulty self-regulating. To help them get ready to learn we include a series of kinesthetic exercises in their daily routine.

  • We choose 4-6 exercises.

  • Duration: 10-15 minutes

  • We follow the speed and needs of the child.

How did we include Sensory Circuit in Flora's timetable?

To let Flora know that it's time for Sensory Circuit we always use a specific song that she likes. This way she associates the specific song with the upcoming activity.

Firstly, we demonstrate the exercise by naming it and doing the action. Then we encourage Flora to do it too , e.g. I jump or hop 3 times or I jump 3 times on the spot. If Flora is struggling with an exercise, we don't insist she does it the way we showed, but we adapt it. For example, at first she was having difficulty jumping over the obstacles so Flora would jump them diagonally. The important thing is to try to complete all the exercises.

When she completes the exercises, then it's time to relax. Again, we use a certain calm song so that Flora knows it's time to sit or lie down somewhere comfortable ( either on cushions or the couch) and relax. The easiest but most effective way to do this is by using either your hands or a pillow and applying light pressure all over the body.

For exercise ideas, check out the link below.

We would recommend using the same exercises daily until the child learns them and is as independent as possible. You can change the order of the exercises, but always end with relaxation. With frequent and daily repetition the child can anticipate what to expect and gradually master the exercise.

Always take into account the child's needs and abilities and adapt the exercises based on these.


We will share more tips and activities in the future, so keep visiting us.

We are looking forward to hearing your views and experiences.

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