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How do I react to my Emotions?

As Flora has consolidated her knowledge of the different emotions (see stage one here), she is now ready to learn strategies to manage them appropriately.

Flora is now learning the strategies she can use when she is feeling happy, sad, tired and angry.

To support Flora to understand the adult needs to demonstrate the actions and encourage the use of symbols.

More information about Autism and strategies for coping with emotions you can find here.

I need: symbols


I feel happy

  1. Clap

  2. Jump

I feel tired:

  1. Drink water

  2. Rest

I feel angry:

  1. Blow a balloon

  2. Countdown from 10

I feel sad:

  1. Eat a snack

  2. Squeeze a pillow


This activity could also be added to the Morning Circle (see here), where students have to say how they feel with visual support.


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