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Sorting by size activity

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Often, Flora finds Maths and Mathematical concepts challenging.However, when Maths are taught through play, Flora can engage more and learn faster (see here).

As we have already mentioned in a previous post , the role of the adult is key for maintaining the new knowledge (see here)

Flora learns how to sort objects in different sizes, such as big, medium and small. The learning begins gradually by sorting similar objects with distinctly different sizes (e.g. spoons) in big and small ones. Once Flora has mastered this skill, we add one more size, the medium size. Then we give Flora different objects and ask her to sort them into their different sizes.

We choose familiar objects and use visual aids to enhance Flora's learning (see here).


1. Big and small same objects in different sizes

2. Big, medium, small same object in different sizes

3. Big and small different objects in different sizes


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